by Richard Philbrick July 18, 1965

Commuters Have Best Chance to Get in

Chicago area colleges and universities generally have less room for freshmen than they did at this time last year, a recent survey has disclosed.

Doors are nearly closed to the prospective freshman who wants to live in a dormitory. Those who can commute from home are far more likely to be admitted.

Officials of the Chicago Cir- cle campus of the University of Illinois have long known that this would be a hard summer. All that remains Is to de- termine how many qualified students will be turned away.

Junior Colleges Struggle

The city junior colleges are struggling to care for a flood of prospective students. They will open this fall with capacity enrollments.

For the Chicago youngster who has not yet been accepted by a college, Roosevelt univer- sity seems to be the best hope.

Roosevelt's admission office reported that the university has "plenty of room" for new stu- dents. But there are many more youngsters applying for admission than last year, a spokesman said.

North Park Is Open

Another college wide open to commuters is North Park col- lege, 3200 Foster av. G. Timothy Johnson, North Park admis- sions director, said there Is room in the college s dormi- tories for 25 more men and 25 more women.

Judson college, Elgin, has dormitory rooms for 20 more women and for 15 more men. It also has apartments for four couples. There is "no limit" on the number of commuters it can accept, Miss Lois Warner, admissions officer, said.

"Fifteen per cent of last fall s freshmen wouldn't be accepted If they were a p p I y i n g this year," Charles W. Anderson, admissions officer, said in an- swering questions about the enrollment situation at Aurora college.

Standards Are Raised

Hle explained that the 15 per cent would be rejected because Aurora has raised Its admis- sions requirements. Tho it re- ceived more applications than last year, the college still has

room for 18 more students in its dormitories and for about 20 more commuters.

Elmhurst college has no room for additional resident students, but could accept a few com- , Donald Sinclair, assistant director of admissions, re ported.

All admissions officers who responded said applicants for remaining openings must be fully qualified.

U. C., N. U. Are Closed

The University of Chicago and Northwestern university long ago ceased accepting freshmen. Illinois Institute of Technology is still processing applications and admitting well qualified applicants.

Few of the students still seeking admission to college can meet I. 1. T.'s entrance re- quirements, however, David Dudley, l. I. T. admissions di- rector, said.

The competition for places In the freshman class at Loyola university has been greater than last year, a Loyola spokes- man reported,. but Its admis-

office will continue to process applications until late in August.

Rooms Are Taken

All rooms in the university s dormitories and other approved housing facilities are taken.

De Paul university has ad- mitted about 15 per cent more freshmen than it had accepted at this time a year ago. Its ad- missions office has set no dead- line for but prospective fresh- men are "strongly advised" to submit theirs by Aug. 15, Miss Muriel C o o n e y, admissions counselor, said.

Chicago Tribune July 18, 1965 | Chicago Tribune Archive