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Great News--In the 2015 edition of the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, released on September 9, U.S. News & World Report Ranked Elmhurst a Top 10 'Best Value' School!

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NEW: Click on the '65 Elms below to link to a digitized copy of the the actual 1965 Elms album available through the collection of Elmhurst's A.C. Buehler Library.  Other years are also available. Even if you have lost your original copy or "downsized" your belongings and tossed it out, you now have no excuse for not looking at this final year of our lives beore you arrive on campus for our 50th reunion.  It and the various other years seem to be freely available at the "librarrrrry" as Rasche and others referred to it in P.K.!   Note: try and save the pdf file on your hard drive--it is an extremely large high quality file and takes a long time to load.  If you save it on your hard drive you can then open it at will from your own computer and it won't take so long to page through the file.  If you have a progrem like PDF Professional you can grab a single page or two from the large file you have downloaded and save the page(s) and print it/them out as you desire.

This page is maintained to encourage the Elmhurst College class of 1965 to remember our classmates and our lives on campus during 1961 through 1965. The page will updated occasionally to provide class and college news as well as appropriate 50th reunion information.  Apparently as much as we appreciated our time on campus, after our graduation in 1965 many others also wanted to be part of the EC experience (See:Chicago Tribune in July of 1965).

Our class matriculated in an era when rapid social change was compounded with foreign conflict. When we began as Freshmen, chapel was mandatory as were womens' hours.  By the time we graduated, we had participated in the resurgence of Elmhurst athletic success, felt the loss of "Camelot" through the tragic assassination of J.F.K, and marched in Selma with Dr. King. (Link to my 3/23/1965 personal reflection as to the Selma experience.)

Some class members who started with our class did not finish with us for various reasons including marriage and transfer to other schools.  With graduation, some began to serve the church, others served all of us through their military service, while still others broadened their education and ultimately settled into a variety of careers.  In the intervening years, some are still serving, som have retired, while others who have passed we remember after their death.

As we have aged we have learned that change is inevitable.  To see how change has affected EC academically, check out the current course catalog.

At the request of one of the reunion committee's members, your attention is drawn to a central part of the music program at EC during our time on campus as reflected in this picture:

What was the name of the group's director?

Elmhurst College's Class of 1965 Has Made It To The Golden Goal of 50 Years!
Our 50th Class Reunion Will Be A Part Of Elmurst's 2015 Homecoming From October 8 Through October 11--Be There!
A group of us have gathered to plan our celebration.  As a part of that planning, we decided to follow the lead of those classes who are already a part of the 50 Year Club by establishing a milestone gift to Elmhurst College on behalf of our class (i.e., The Class of 1965 Reunion Campaign).   The 10 of us on the committee, in communication with the Alumni Office of the College, established a goal of $75,000 for our class.   We, the committee, have pledged $22,000 over the next 3 years and ask you to consider joining us to reach our goal.  The reunion campaign will run from July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016.

Gifts can be designated to more than one area, can be pledged over multiple years (i.e. $500 annually for the next three years) and/or can be a part of your estate planning.   We look forward to a bright future for EC AND to gathering together at Homecoming this fall.

Your reunion committee,

Dick Kroll    Denny Hotle    Bobbi Brodt Dauderman    Pat Stock Eggert    Ron Stone    Bob Lenz    Hal Brueseke    Ruth Hotz Hotle    Judith Wiebke Murdock    Gary Miller

For questions regarding The Class of 1965 Reunion Campaign, please use these resources:

  • Online giving link: https://secure.elmhurst.edu/cgi-bin/giving/default.aspx
  • Phone gifts: 866-794-1075
  • Planned gifts: Lisa Klein, Senior Development Officer, kleinl@elmhurst.edu, 630-617-5682
  • Pledges: Lori Steiner, Annual Fund Officer, lori.steiner@elmhurst.edu, 630-617-3034

Official Reunion Communications--Read and Act On These Now!
Enriched by how, and what we learned, our time at EC---spent with each other and a faculty we grew to know as friends---immensely affected each of us.  As class members and/or their families view this page, please reflect on the way things have changed in our lives since graduation.  Friendships made long ago can again be renewed in 2015.    Click http://public.elmhurst.edu/homecoming to get an idea of how things will evolve during the 50th reunion of our EC Class of 1964.  The Director of Alumni Engagement Samantha Kiley who graduated from EC in 2007 has helped our committee with its planning.  Sam may be contacted at either (630) 617-3678 or kileys@elmhurst.edu.  EC will play Carthage College in the Homecoming game on October 10.  Click the following link to check out the 2015 Bluejay football team: 2015 EC Football Season.  Join us on campus for our 50th Homecoming!

Our History:
Remember how how strange music emanated from the top of Niebuhr during finals one year? What other campus mysteries might need an answer? At one reunion a classmate explained the provenance of the missing flatware other than soup spoons that took a long winter's nap under the ice in Wilder Park--remember the Board of Trustees (ugh--several of us had parents who were on the board) having to use the soup spoons in the commons with the rest of us? I'm told that the President even received an anonymous letter of apology regarding the ice cold flatware.  Our 30th reunion provided an answer to why a certain German people's car ended up in Hammerschmidt chapel instead of on the autobahn (though the chapel's donor was from my dad's church in South Bend and, knowing that I was going to law school after EC, he generously gave me a copy of Blackstone's Commentaries On The Laws Of England when I graduated,  I never discussed the VW's placement with him--the word seems to be that the St. Louis crew was responsible).

Who knows what might appear on the chapel stage in years to come?  With the demise of the small VW bug production, might one day a Mini Cooper provide companionship to someone leading worship?

I was privileged to represent the Class of '65 at EC's mid-year commencement on February 7, 2015 (See: http://livestream.com/elmhurstcollege/specialevent/videos/88717938?origin=digest&mixpanel_id=f1e606422fcd-08fc5d748-43681f0a-2ee000-f1e6064230c82&acc_id=12343625&medium=email for the mid-year commencement).  It was eye opening to see the depth and quality of change on campus and an honor to shake the hand of the graduates on behalf of our class and all EC alumni.  The trip to from South Bend to Elmhurst also gave me a chance to give to the college that set of Blackstone's Commentaries as EC begins a joint undergraduate/law program with Chicago's John Marshall Law School.

For the May 30, 2015 Spring Commencement, Gary Miller similarly represented the Class of 1965 and all EC alumni. (See: http://livestream.com/elmhurstcollege/specialevent/videos/88717938?origin=digest&mixpanel_id=f1e606422fcd-08fc5d748-43681f0a-2ee000-f1e6064230c82&acc_id=12343625&medium=email

Sources Of History Of Elmhurst College: 

An Unusual And Unwelcome Achievement For Elmhurst, Illinois: Click the link


In preparation for our getting together on campus for the 50th reunion, I have continued to collect bits of memorabilia beyond what already appear on, or are linked from this WebSite. For the next few months I will review and add more memorabilia to this page in anticipation of the reunion.  If you have a picture or other memorabilia that you are willing to share and have posted on this site,

PLEASE send it to me as an e-mail attachment at bhbruese@comcast.net  as a reasonably sized graphic or pdf file or send me an e-mail so that I can provide you with my mailing address to send the item to.  I will scan what you send, likely include it on this page, and then return the original to you  Understand that size and/or intensity may be modified for optimum browser access and that some of what I receive may not be used.  Depending on the quantity and/or quality of what is received, I may put together and make available a CD with pictures, sounds, etc. from what I receive.

Memory Booklet:

Since this wiil be our 50th reunion, EC will publish a memory booklet (see info at link in Official Communication section) which will be compied from information that we the class members prepare and send in in response to a request from the Alumni Office.  As of July 20, 2015 thirty-five (35) bios have been received.

For those who haven't sent a bio in to the alumni office, remember that there is a word limit of about 250 words or so.  PLEASE begin to seriously and succintly of what you might say about your life after graduation.  I have copies of the booklets prepared for the classes of '49, '60, and '64 and the life stories presented are most interesting to read.  Add your life story for all to see.

Posting Of Pictures Received  From Class Members----Please Send More!


Click on the embossed versions of pictures submitted by classmates of our four (4) years on the EC campus and see how simple life once was.  Pictures range from a well known (?) pet to a beanie reprise and others.  As to the beanie, we can only guess as to intent of the stilted upperclassman who designed the getting to iknow you which was apparently intended for use to be extremely close together.

Note:  If anyone has a spare beanie to wear, I know that there is one class member who in no uncertain terms will absolutely refuse to put it on!

Class of '65 45th Reunion, October 8 to 10, 2010
(click on link to see pictures from the 45th which were posted on October 3, 2015)

Class of '65 40th Reunion, October 21 to 23, 2005
(click on link to see pictures from the 40th which were posted on October 25, 2005)
1960's Football Reunion Held On October 22, 2005 During Our 40th Reunion
The efforts of Don Taylor (class of 1963) to arrange a reunion of EC football players of the '60's on October 22, 2005 during our 40th reunion were a success.  It was great to see others from classes on either side of the Class of '65.  Stories were told, beer was consumed (other than at Koenig's), and together we enjoyed looked back.  I personally hope that we can do something similar again.  Don's original letter, his list of players of the '60's, and football pictures from the Elms of 1961 through 1965 can be viewed below in pdf format.
60's Football Reunion Registration1962 Elms  Football Pictures1963 Elms Football Pictures1964 Elms Football Pictures1965 Elms Football Pictures

Don's Letter       1961 Elms        1962 Elms       1963 Elms        1964 Elms      1965 Elms

Class of '65 35th Reunion, October 6, 2000
(click on link to see pictures from the a chilliy evening--try and identify the alums)

Class of '65 35th Reunion, October 7, 2000
(click on link to see pictures from a sunny but cold day, Blue Jay football and dinner)
Class of '65 35th Reunion, October 8, 2000

(click on link to see pictures from the Drury Lane Brunch which was well attended by the class of 1950!)
Class of '65 30th Reunion, October 20 to 22, 1995

After 30 Years

LOOKING BACK (and so it was):
'65 GraduatesCar Decorating At Its BestBoard of Directors'65 Class Officers
(Click on pictures for larger view)

LOOKING BACK (P.K. Homecoming Show Program--October 11, 1963):

1962 Elms  Football Pictures1963 Elms Football Pictures1964 Elms Football Pictures1965 Elms Football PicturesDOWNLOADABLE FULL COPIES OF THE 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965 Elms

Instructions to download a pdf file of the entire Elms for a particular year:

1.    Click on the desired year and a pdf file will begin loading in your browser.

2.    Be patient-the files are very very large--downloading takes a long time.

3.    Don't try and move through the pages of the Elms as it is loading--just let it fully download.

4.    Once you have the full file downloaded and are still at the first page (likely a blank white page), move your mouse to the lower right of the page and do a right click.  You will see a little disk icon amidst other icons.  Click on the disk and then save the file to your hard drive, a USB stick or other media--don't try and view the file online--you'll get frustrated.

5.    Once you've done that you'll be able to view the pdf copy of the Elms and even print out particular pages you'd like to have a hard copy of.

To watch EC athletic teams live or after the fact, negotiate your way through this link and find the sporting event and date(s) you want to watch.

To listen to WRSE the voice of Elmhurst College on FM and the internet, tune to 88.8 or click this link to listen in various formats.

To tweet WRSE use: @WRSE887fm.

To contact WRSE by e-mail, use: wrse887fm@gmail.com

To listen to familiar audio clips by clicking the album label, or remember what was on WLS (AM 890) around the time we graduated by clicking the May 21, 1965 Silver Dollar Survey.  Click on WLS FM (94.7) which still has Dick Biondi on the air some 50 years later!

Listen to familiar audio clips by clicking the album label, or remember what was on WLS around the time we graduated by clicking the May 21, 1965 Silver Dollar Survey.

Alma Mater by the '60-'61 Men's Glee Glub led by David AustinA clip from the '63 Homecoming Show P.K.

WLS May 21, 1965 Silver Dollar Survey